Hive Active Heating

Hive Active Heating™

A connected system that lets you control
your home from your phone

Prices from £149.00 fitted

Beautiful Design, Clever Control

The UK’s favourite wireless thermostat,
Hive is a fusion of form and function. It’s the clever way to control your heating and hot water, at home or from your phone.

Heating Control and Boost

Switch your heating on and off, up or down and set temperatures.

If you want to extend your heating outside your usual heating schedule, just use the boost button.


Based on your phone’s location, Hive will send you reminders to turn your heating on before you get home, or off if you’ve left it on when you go out.

Set Schedules

Set heating and hot water schedules to fit in with your life. You can set between one and six time slots a days.

Frost Protection

Automatically activates when your heating’s off and the temperature inside your home dips below 7°C. Helps to protect pipes from freezing.

Holiday Mode

Tell Hive your holiday dates and your heating will sleep until you return – so you can always come back to a warm home.

Hive Multizone

Hive Multizone is for when you have existing heating zones in your home. So if you have a thermostat upstairs and another one downstairs, you’ll need Hive Active Heating™ for your first zone and Hive Multizone for up to two extra heating zones.

The Hive Multizone upgrade kit contains the thermostat and receiver as the Hive Hub is included with Hive Active Heating™.